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Monday, May 25, 2009

#3wordsaftersex on Twitter!

Oh god tha most horny game ever was being played on twitter today...where one needs to write 3 words that one could say after sex!

Search for #3wordsaftersex and you'll get the hang of it!


Prats said...

This was amazing!!!

kd said...

hey Prateek thanks for the comments!

Meera said...

Cool how you create doodles about twitter trending!

And you still want us to take a break from trending?


Ashmar.Kal said...

Ohhh i have done it.
But excellent work

kd said...

@Ashmar.kal thanks! U've made smthing similar?

The Shmoo said...

WOW! Twitter trend comics ^_^
I super super like!